04: IKEPOD / by Damien Vizcarra

When compared to retirement plans, stocks, bonds, real estate, and some vintage cars, watches are not known to be a great investment.  This Ikepod Megapode MG04 is definitely an exception to the rule.  Only 9999 were ever made.  It is so pristine and rare that I've been reluctant to actually wear it for fear of scratching/damaging it knowing full well that repairing it would be a nightmare since it has been out of production for some time. But recently I adopted a "you only live once" attitude and decided to take it out of the box, put it on my wrist and go. How liberating. Here are my impressions.

The diameter is 46mm, and it is the largest watch I have. Although it doesn't feel or look that big because the continuous disc shape is soft, round, and whatever hard edges other watches have all fall away which makes it seem smaller than it is. The Megapode is actually comfortable, but putting it requires some serious dexterity because you need to thread the rubber strap through a thin opening to secure the post.

Materials & Design:
Marc Newson is the designer of this piece. He takes no shortcuts when it comes to use of material or sophistication of design process. The casing is constructed of solid titanium, machined to drop in the ETA/Valijoux 7750 movement from the front. As such, there are no partlines on the rear of the body. Only a small, space-portal type window that lets you see the movement's beating heart. The brushed finish on the titanium is super fine, almost like a needle was used on the lathe. The result is a deep sheen that has a satin-like quality when you rotate the watch and catch surface reflections. The domed sapphire glass completes the unified form. It is so pure and clear that it doesn't even look like there is glass in some pictures. I don't know how they attached it to the casing, but it is clean, seamless, and beautiful.  As for the dial, it was designed for pilots and is intended to enable precise calculations for fuel efficiency, duration, distance, weight, etc. I have no idea how to use any of that, so I keep it old school and just stick to reading the time.

This piece is undoubtedly the big daddy in my collection.  It's like a work of art that could live the rest of its life on a pedestal, but then I wouldn't enjoy it. Whenever I wear it, one of two things happen: 1) nothing. It goes complete unnoticed, or 2) people say, "is that an Ikepod? I never actually seen one". There’s a sense of awe for those who recognize what it is.  Now I have the task of making sure it stays mint so my boy can wear it someday.

Cruzzie, baby, one day this will be yours :)