WELCOME / by Damien Vizcarra

Thank you for visiting my watch blog.  Allow me to begin with what I am not.  I am not a WIS, a brand name luxury watch snob, or an expert on horology.  I tend use my iPhone to check the time as much as I do my wrist.  But as a designer, I appreciate examples of great design in the world and love to see it when people get it right.  One product category that always interest me is timepieces.  It has been fun to watch (no pun intended) the evolution of timepieces from analogue to digital, automatic and quartz, to USB-powered smartwatches that have more to do with data and feedback than they are about merely telling time.  As 'wearables' begin to take shape in our society right before our eyes, one thing is becoming clear.  The immediate future of wearables will not be about a piece of glass in front of your eye.  Rather, it will be kickstarted by useful, beautiful, well designed machines on your wrist.

Throughout the course of the year I'll be sharing my watch collection. I will tell you a little about them and in some cases the adventurous backstory about how I got them. You'll generally find a few things that they all have in common: all are minimal and clean in design, they all have great proportions, are constructed in interesting ways, use refined materials and colors, and each and every single one of them are timeless.  Some of these timepieces are fairly common, relatively inexpensive and still in production. Others are very rare, iconic, and have their place in design history.  Many are part of MOMA and Cooper Hewitt's permanent collections.  I am not interested in watches as fashion accessories or as shallow status symbols. As such, if you are the type of person that fancies yourself a connoisseur based strictly on price-tag or lux brand name, then this isn't the blog for you.

Stay tuned and enjoy!